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Our Story

"Our experience in performing has taught us that the key to a great show is in the energy and excitement that we bring to the stage. We pride ourselves on delivering a performance that is both entertaining and engaging, leaving our audiences buzzing for days. Featuring a diverse repertoire of rock music, we ensure that our performances cater to the needs of all our clients and audiences. If you’re looking for an energetic and memorable performance then book us today! 


Shane Cattermole

The Bearded Monster


"Music has the power to bring people together and create  unforgettable experiences and that's why I formed Under The Covers"

Shane is a self taught guitar player, he's always had a keen interest since a very young age and when he turned 16 his Mum and Dad bought him his first ever proper electric guitar which was an Encore 'special' from Argos!  When he knew in his heart that guitar was his instrument his parents endured two hours in Nottingham music shop waiting for him to make a decision on which guitar to buy.  After losing a little bit of patience waiting for this decision to be made, his Mum passed him the red-wine-coloured Gibson Les Paul  and said "TRY THIS!" The amp booth on the side for testing guitars just happened to be free, he plugged the guitar in, sold!  He still uses that same guitar today for shows! 

Shane studied Music Practice at Lincoln College in 2007 and in 2008 came out with his level 3 Diploma with Distinctions in Musical Theatre Performance

As a musician,  Shane has been playing in both original and cover bands for many years. He has worked with all kinds of musicians and is extremely passionate about his craft.


Shane is also an accomplished sound engineer who has worked with many bands to help them achieve great live sound or record their work for promotional music. He  has also produced high-quality backing tracks for solo artists, using his own skills to help them bring their music to life.





"Shane, what can I say. On his own planet. I could watch his effortless playing all night"

Kevin Meakins - Grantham 2023.

" How he plays guitar like that & performs with such a big smile on his face amazes me!  He's an absolute MONSTER "

 The Peacock Pub - Peterborough  2022 


Chantelle Cattermole

The Pocket Rocket 

 Chantelle, may not have had any previous singing experience, but with passion, hard work and determination, she has created something truly special with Under The Covers.

 Despite the departure of their previous lead singer, they didn't let that stop them from continuing to perform music. After a difficult slog, they finally found Chantelle, who quickly proved to be the perfect fit. Her powerful voice and infectious energy have taken their performances to the next level.


Chantelle has been singing professionally for 8 years, and her confidence and skill set continues to impress, she has dedicated years to perfecting her craft, attending countless rehearsals, jam nights, and recording sessions to hone her vocal skills. She has performed at a broad range of venues, from small intimate clubs to large festivals. The obstacles she’s faced continue to fuel her passion, and she’s more determined than ever to bring the best performances to her audiences.   

"You are a POCKET ROCKET, such a tiny thing with such an explosive sound, what a voice!''

Geoff  Caldwell - Crompton Arms Ripley  2022 

"Great work with the 'Under The Covers'  I really enjoyed listening to your music. I particularly liked your vocals on 'Paranoid', the aggression and attack in your delivery really cuts through the rest of the band. You should spend some time building & developing this side of your voice. Keep singing and sharing! "


- Voice Council Magazine 2016

"Chantelle, you have it in terms of voice and presence. I'm sorry it turned out to be a long night for you but the audience would have had you play for another hour or two!"


Tony Hill - Aslockton 2015


"Music is more than just a form of entertainment - it's a journey of self-discovery and a celebration of life."

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